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ALOE VERA Protective Body Lotion A blend of Aloevera gel & Neem leaves that protects skin from environmental pollution & sunrays. [SPF 75] PH balanced formulation for men .......... $14
NEEM PROTECTOR Protective Body Lotion A blend of Neem leaves and herbs that protects skin from environmental pollution & sunrays. [SPF 75] PH balanced formulation for women  ...... $14
AVOCADO MASSAGE OIL A unique blend of Ayurvedic oils that relaxes muscles & leaves skin smooth, soft & supple.  Natural oils of avocado, almond, olive, sesame, sunflower with galangal & dandelion extracts. Body massage oil relieves tirednes ....... $14 
100% Soap Free Body Rinse A soothing, refreshing bath gel w/apricot kernel oil, wild turmeric, turmeric, kurchi & soap nut. An excellent alternative to soap ........... $14
A superior grade talc that gives a smooth, cooling effect to skin after bathing. Contains extracts of Margosa, Basil, Red Sandalwood and Sandalwood. Provides day long perspiration & body odor protection ....... $14






Formulated from organically grown pure plant extracts.

Contain no
synthetic fragrances or chemicals.

Biotique does not conduct cruel tests on animals.



 Pure Vegetable & Fruit Ingredients

Orange Peel Exfoliator 
This is a unique body soap with grains. A fine natural base is prepared and extracts of orange are skillfully added. The enzymes contained in the orange peel remove dead epithelial cells & deep cleanse the skin.
Basil & Parsley  This transparent skin bar containing Coconut oil, Basil & Parsley extracts. It is clinically tested and hypo-allergenic. (Note: Large size is temp. out of stock)
Pure vegetable cleanser formulated with coconut oil and almond oil for sensitive skin.
Himalayan Plum  A fine natural base is prepared with extracts of fruits, flowers and vegetables which are skillfully added.
This soap making involves the blending of Ayurvedic formulae with the most modern technological knowledge.

Full Size Bar  150 grams ..................... $4.50



Travel Size Bar  50 grams .................... $1.75




Almond Oil Cleanser Face & Eye Cleanser  A rare combination of rich natural oils to deep cleanse the skin. 120 ml .............. $12
Honey Gel Foaming Face Cleanser 100% soap-free cleanser containing pure honey blended w/extracts from the bark of the Arjun tree, Euporbia plant and wild Turmeric. The rich lather cleanses the skin leaving it refreshed, soft & silky. 120 ml .... $12
Pineapple Fruit Gel  Foaming Face Cleanser
100% soap-free ayurvedic cleanser containing Clove oil, extracts of Pineapple, Neem leaves & the Euphorbia plant. Gel deep cleanses pores, removing bacteria helping to prevent skin blemishes. 120 ml .............. $12
Cucumber Water Face Freshener A very effective cooling antiseptic freshener containing extracts of Coriander, Nutgallis, Cucumber & Peppermint oil. Helps tighten pores. 120 ml ....... $12
Morning Nectar  Nourishing Lotion for all Skin Types A light emulsion enriched with Honey, Wheat Germ & Seaweed. Lotion is easily absorbed, replacing natural oils & moisture. 120 ml ...... $12
Dandelion Face Revitaliser  For Youthful Complexion
A combination of natural nutrients. Rich in vitamin E, Iron, Phosphorus, Iodine, Potash & Sulfur as well as nutmeg oil to
help stimulate the skin and erase wrinkles. 35 ml .................. $8




Green Apple  Frequent Use Cleanser for Oily Hair
Nourishes scalp with natural proteins & minerals.  Frequent use cleanser for hair & scalp, does not affect the pH balance of hair. Contains apple extract, sea algae & centella ................. $14  
Margosa Leaf  Anti Dandruff Cleanser
Cleanser for hair & scalp with the natural sap of the Margosa tree along with Euphorbia, Bhringraj. Revitalizes hair while making the scalp free of dandruff & infection. Leaves hair lustrous and manageable .............. $14
Flame of the Forest Hair Oil Extracts of Hibiscus & Flame of the Forest flowers which enable a healthy growth of hair. Regular use helps prevent dandruff, strengthens hair and gives it shine & body. Hair treatment for use before shampoo. 120 ml ................ $12




Almond Kajal -
for the beauty in your eyes
Bio Kajal contains pure Sesame oil, Sweet Almond oil along with extracts of Eclipta Alba, Indian Gooseberry & Berberis Aristata. Kajal nourishes the eye area and lends a sparkle to the eyes ......... $9

Aloevera Protective Cream A protective sunscreen that helps prevent sunburn (Spf 20) and maintain smooth, soft skin. Contains oil of Sandalwood, Sunflower & Safflower,  65 grams ....... $15
Available in Ph formulas for Men or Women (Please specify)


Saffron Youth Dew Nourishing & Vitalizing Cream Rich in pure Saffron, Almond and Pistachio oils, as well as extracts of Turmeric and Wild Turmeric, this cream is a natural source of vitamins and minerals to nourish the skin.  65 grams ......................... $15
Wheatgerm Cream 
Nourishing Anti-aging Night Cream A rich cream that contains naturally occurring Vitamin B and E along with A & D also contains extracts of Carrot, Galangal, Oils of Sunflower and Almond, as well as essential minerals. 65 grams ........ $15
Quince Seed  Facial Massage Cream Anti-Wrinkle Massage Cream: The gel from the quince seed provides essential vitamins and minerals to nourish the skin. Contains Vitamin E along with other herbs. Especially good for mature skin in vulnerable areas. 60 grams ..... $15



Clove & Wild Turmeric   Anti Blemish Face Pack A unique mix of Ayurvedic ingredients which maintains smooth, soft & lustrous skin. 85 grams ........ $15

Peaches & Plum Peel Off Pack  Deep Impurity Cell Remover
Contains gel from peaces & plums, as well as Aloe, Cucumber, Cabbage, Neem & Quince seed. Removes deep seated impurities as well as dead epithelial cells.
  65 grams ............... $15


Sun Flower Lip Balm
For chapped and dehydrated lips.  16 Grams .......... $10

Seaweed Eye Gel
A transparent, cool gel, revitalizes and helps reduce dark circles around the eyes while reducing puffiness. Especially soothing for those who wear glasses. Contains extracts of Seaweed & Nutmeg Oil.  16 grams ........ $10

Almond Under Eye Cream A light nourishing cream to help protect the delicate skin around the eyes. Contains Oils of Nutmeg, Almond, Sunflower and Quince Seed Gel to enhance the brightness & add sparkle, while reducing puffiness, dark circles & fine lines around the eye area.  16 grams ....... $10

Peppermint Balm    Pain Reliever
A mentholated blend of ayurvedic herbs.  30 grams ......... $10

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